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When a person constantly acts stupid and dumb. They are running the Douchebagathon.
Damn, douchebagathon! Did u win the douchebag race for douchebagaknights.
by Cory G. B April 02, 2008
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1. Parties where one douchebag leaves and another arrives to take his place. Like a 24 hour telethon, they just keep coming and going at random, but you are never without one.

2. Typically two or more Democrats speaking in a Congressional Session

3. USC football pregame show
1. Can you believe it? We got rid of that one douchebag that shit in the pool and another shows up to piss on the bar-be-que. This is a freaking douchebagathon.

2. And following Nancy Pelosi will be Harry Reid

3. Lane Kiffin...need I say more?
by Sober Irishman January 07, 2011

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