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5 definitions by Jayseabee

an act or process to generate a douchbag idea. thinking a bad idea.
I will mix bleach and ammonia to make a great cleaning agent for the floor. Dude, you are being a douchbagitron.
by jayseabee April 23, 2009
133 16
an act or process to generate a douchebag idea. thinking a really bad idea.

That douchebagitron almost killed me with that last stunt. What douchebagitron came up with that idea?

by Jayseabee April 27, 2009
108 13
Describing or comparing to a douchebagitron. A bad idea generator.
Your douchebagitronly brain came up with a great idea for failure.

The word douchebagitronly has all of the vowels: a,e,i,o,u, & y.
by Jayseabee April 27, 2009
102 17
The resulting text message when a LOSER attempts to text the reply LOSER. The L and R get replaced with the J and Q. Pronounced JO-SECK or JOSE-QUE. Replaces the word loser in the work place where joseq can be used freely.
Hey Joseq, you are such a joseq.
The crew did a joseq job.
by Jayseabee September 05, 2009
70 4
executing a project in a timely yet inefficient manner without consideration for the quality of the finished product
The Douchebagitron painted the room in an expedouches manner, it only took two hours but it looks like crap. It will take us days to fix that mess.
by Jayseabee June 23, 2011
27 4