Run, speed off, Get out.
"double Up, The Elory in tha house."
by Tha Bean December 03, 2003
A Wakeboarding manuever in which the boat's driver navigates the boat back across its own previously created wake. The current wake and the wave created by the old wake come together to momentarily make one enormous wake, which the rider hits to achieve massive air. The path of the boat roughly approximates the letter P, starting at the bottom and crossing the wake heading left.
Bonifay's half-cab double backroll off the Double Up is the sickest move around...
by Crew Middle Fork August 24, 2004
to double up is to let a person know that they need to shut up as you turn up that radio without saying anything
james: my mom wouldn't shut up so i had to double up on her
robin: ahh good move.. did she shut up after that?
james: ofcoarse its a double up
robin: your right ...unbeatable
by alexisisdubomb46__9 September 03, 2008
When you are with a bunch of your friends and one of them makes an audible fart. At this time you or another one of your friends silent farts and then blame the smell on the friend whose fart was heard
Its a well known fact that when a guy farts, a girl will silent fart and double up on the guy so he gets the blame.
by Roldy May 20, 2006

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