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noun. A feeling that you and your partner will mate. A moment of this kind. An air of “tacit agreement”.
They stood there, tacitly. An air of approximate can be smelled.
by 喜之正品淘汰狼 May 30, 2016
To come close to; be nearly the same as: This meat substitute approximates the real thing.
To bring near.
To bring together, as cut edges of tissue.
The approximate time of the show is.
by Javana Joseph October 26, 2003
noun. A spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend who is not an ideal match, but close enough in many respects.
"Looks like things are going really well with your girlfriend, Bob!"

"Yeah, it's pretty good, Stan. I kept looking for my vision of perfection, then decided I should get real and find an approximate."
by Mr.Whosiwhatsis July 18, 2008
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