when one takes a dump eats it and takes another dump that includes the previous dump infused with the secondary dump
i took a dump, ate it, had mickky d's and then took another dump, witch makes it a Double Dump
by Double Dumper Joe July 30, 2011
taking two shits in immediate succession of each other. taking yet another shit when you've just finished a shit. happens especially after a night of heavy drinking, when you've just finished a serious beer shit, the ass juice isn't yet evaporated, you're getting off the crapper and you realize you have to go again. can be used as verb or noun.
fuck me i got so locked last night at paddy's stag, i had to double dump this morning.
dude, it's been half an hour and still smells. that must have been some serious double dump you did.
by pintofharp September 21, 2011
mostly occurs the morning after a heavy drinking session. When someone is sitting on the toilet clearing their bowels and they suddenly have to throw up as well - both "exit pipes" are in full flow as vomit and excrement both leave the body by their respective routes.

Usually accompanied before and after by groans of "oh god" "never again" or "oh shit" and requires someone else to clean up the mess as the double dumper is too worn out to do much more than wipe their ass.
did you here that ? sounds like "Johny" has just done a Double Dumper. I ain't cleaning that up
by Lord of Southfields July 30, 2011
A rigid (not a semi) dump truck pulling a trailer, which is also a dump truck.
Road crews often transport gravel and asphalt by double dump to save on fuel and to pay only one driver instead of two.
by Nutjob R/T October 06, 2009
Two people taking a dump simultaneously while sitting on ones lap.
John and Jim had to take a dump, but there was only one toliet so they preformed the double dump. Jim got shit splatter all over johns junk.
by GFKTower December 01, 2008
To eat two ecstacy pills at once or in quick succession to get double the usual hit when both kick in at the same time.
I only dumped one last night at the club but Fred double dumped and he was wasted on the couch for ages.
by Mr Billo January 26, 2006
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