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A phrase used to describe the action of: pulling into a parking spot, taking a turn, or just driving in general all at an extreme, and reckless rate of speed. One must announced that he/she is comin in hot! in order to actually be classified as Coming in hot.
Josh: Look out boys we're coming in hot!
Brandon: Why? Is there a 'Nader after you?
Kyle: Oh noes you hit granny!
by BarnacleBill February 16, 2010
One of them big spinny wind things in the sky that suck mobile homes up. Poor rednecks.
Brandon: I heard theres a big 'Nader coming.
Josh: Oh noes!
Kyle: Your trailers gunna blow away.
Josh: I need a hooch.
by BarnacleBill February 14, 2010
A male who enjoys the simple things in life such as being reamed frequently in the anal cavity. These people usually like it hard and rough and will deliver their anus to anyone in need.
Josh: Dude lets go golfing.
Brandon: Dude i usually sink my ball into the 19th hole within two strokes.
Kyle: You're such a butt slut. I need a hooch.
by BarnacleBill February 14, 2010
A male individual who talks or texts your girlfriend in large amounts, usually with increasing levels of annoyance. Usually this person is not worthy of stealing your girlfriend, just annoying the piss out of you. The difference between a cock block and a girlfriend intruder is that most of the time this person is a friend of yours and doesn't have the intention of stealing your girlfriend either, just being excessively annoying.
Josh: Dude. Whats up?
Brandon: Nothing much. Mike's such a girlfriend intruder
Kyle: Lets eat him.
by BarnacleBill February 26, 2010
A fart attack is a condition in which gasses build up inside of ones intestines and cause stomach and chest pains. The build up of gas is usually due to the inability to release said gas. Fart attacks usually occur in the worst possible situation, such as dinner with the grandparents or a yoga session with the girlfriend and her mother. Fart attacks are dangerous and can lead to random combustion.
Josh: dude!
Me: dude I had the worst fart attack ever last night, my girlfriend made me watch a silent movie with her and her mom!
by BarnacleBill November 11, 2010
Chewing tobacco commonly placed in the lower lip region. Hooch can be used as a verb, noun, adjective, pronoun, or an adverb.
Kyle: Man i really need a hooch
Josh: I like to hooch Skoal
Brandon: Ill hooch your mom
by BarnacleBill July 09, 2009
A puss cock is the small, very sensitive erectile organ of a female found at the top of the vagina under a hood of skin. Also known as a clitoris, a puss cock is very similar to a penis in shape and sensitivity. The main difference is it is located on a female in her puss, but looks like a cock. Therefore it is a puss cock.
Josh: dude i saw this one girl with a huge puss cock... it was bigger than my dick!
by BarnacleBill September 24, 2010
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