For two men to fill both a woman's barrels, so to speak.
On special occasions, Melinda enjoyed being double-barrelled by Fred and Bill.
by Yarp October 27, 2006
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Having two barrels mounted side by side: a double-barreled shotgun.
Man, I got my double barrel twelve and fucked that guy's face up..
by juliopavei July 10, 2008
When a straight gutter slut is sucking you and your boy's dick and she sticks both of them in her mouth at the same time like shes at a damn hot dog eating contest.
That ditch pig Stevi tryed doing the double barrel with me and Doug last night.
by pat790 September 01, 2010
When a female inadvertently inserts a tamponwhile already having one in place.
Wow, I must have been drunk last night because I cant believe I woke up with a double barrel!
by emsav8r March 09, 2011
a double-barrelled word.
The word ‘apparent’ is a double barrel. It could mean either ‘clear’ or ‘seeming’.
by uttam maharjan August 22, 2012
smoking two cigarettes side-by-side
Why smoke one cigarette when you can double barrel?
by americanpsychoWI March 29, 2011
To take the urinal right next to one that is being used when there are other urinals available, usually done intentionally
"Man, I can't believe it! There were 6 urinals open and that old man still double barreled me!"

"He probably just wanted to get a better look at your watch."
by Bibaleebu March 21, 2010

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