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For two men to fill both a woman's barrels, so to speak.
On special occasions, Melinda enjoyed being double-barrelled by Fred and Bill.
by Yarp October 27, 2006
Having two barrels mounted side by side: a double-barreled shotgun.
Man, I got my double barrel twelve and fucked that guy's face up..
by juliopavei July 10, 2008
When a straight gutter slut is sucking you and your boy's dick and she sticks both of them in her mouth at the same time like shes at a damn hot dog eating contest.
That ditch pig Stevi tryed doing the double barrel with me and Doug last night.
by pat790 September 01, 2010
a double-barrelled word.
The word ‘apparent’ is a double barrel. It could mean either ‘clear’ or ‘seeming’.
by uttam maharjan August 22, 2012
When a female inadvertently inserts a tamponwhile already having one in place.
Wow, I must have been drunk last night because I cant believe I woke up with a double barrel!
by emsav8r March 09, 2011
When a male wears a strap-on so he can simultaneously screw the same woman in the butt and vagina. This can also be done with a woman wearing two strap-ons.
"hey that girl is so hot I would double barrel her!"
by Manswer May 30, 2009
smoking two cigarettes side-by-side
Why smoke one cigarette when you can double barrel?
by americanpsychoWI March 29, 2011