wearing two condoms at once during sex to de-sensitize the unit so you can last longer and fuck like a rock star.
Man, I lasted for twenty two minutes and forty six seconds inside her luscious box thanks to your suggestion that I utilize the trusty double bag technique.
by Martin Throttle June 28, 2006
Uhhh when you place 2 bags around an item you're trying to carry??? You fuckin idiots
I asked the bagger to double-bag my groceries because the last time I went shopping my family-size jar of mayonnaise fell fucking straight to my kitch floor.
by Jeff Double-bag August 20, 2008
when you have to make the dude use two condoms.
"He's from the navy, a different girl in each port. So I double bag him"
by morningwood faerie February 05, 2003
To use a condom and a paper bag at the same time during intercourse. Exemplified by a desperate person settling for sex with an ugly skank.
-You're taking home that bow-wow? You know she's been around the block more than once.
-Not to worry, I'll double bag it.
by cashmatt October 26, 2008
an unacceptable way to bag in which a person approaches and tries to bag an individual knowingly after his/her friend has previously bagged.
I don't invite Charlie to parties because he follows me and double bags all the chicks I talk to.
by mikepete August 28, 2009
When a chick is so nasty you need to wear a condom and put a bag over her head just to make the sex bearable.
Carole: How did you sleep with that skank, she looks like a dude and I heard she had aids.
Nick: Easy, all I had to do was put a condom on me and a paper bag over her.
Carole: *Fist bump* Way to double bag that bitch!
by Nic0705 November 06, 2015
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