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To use two condoms at once.
John paused and remarked, "I bet she's got a cabbage patch snatch, you'd better double bag it."
by mihailoff February 20, 2005
Latin: "at first glance"
Prima facie, John didn't seem to be a fucktard, but when I started talking to him, I realized that he was just a playa hater.
by mihailoff February 21, 2005
1. (Rhetorical Figure) The repetition of a word at the beginning of successive clauses.
rerum copia verborum copiam gignit (Cicero, De Oratoribus, iii. 125)

ABUNDANCE of matter produces ABUNDANCE of expression.
by mihailoff February 20, 2005
1. (rhetorical figure): A reversing of the order of words in corresponding pairs of phrases.
leges supplicio improbos afficiunt, defendunt ac tuentur bonos (Cicero, De Legibus, ii. 13)

The laws VISIT PUNISHMENTS upon the wicked, but the good they DEFEND and PROTECT.
by mihailoff February 20, 2005
1. Ancient Greek for "Nothing in excess."
The words 'meden agan' are written on the temple at Delphi.
by mihailoff February 20, 2005
From Ancient Greek: phil- (love), and -logos (word).

1. Someone who studies language or literature.

2. Specifically, someone who studies Ancient Greek and Latin languages; a classicist.
For his Method, let no nice Philologist distaste it, as too Calvinistical.
by mihailoff February 20, 2005
1. The affirming of a thing by denying its contrary.
His philology is not irresponsible.

Her statement is not inaccurate.
by mihailoff February 20, 2005
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