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The act of using two condoms to "Double bag" while applying a layer of Tabasco sauce between the two condoms.

When you hear the other person screaming, you know the outside condom broke.
Joe> Last night I hooked up with someone so scanky I had to double-bag it.

Steve> Hey! You know double-bagging it isn't safe! The condoms rubbing together create friction and are likely to break!

Joe> I know. That why I use this. *holds up Tabasco sauce*

Steve> What's that for?

Joe> Why the Tabasco Fiasco of course!

Steve> You're a fucking idiot.
by lilmookie September 24, 2010
The unsafe practice of using 2 condoms.
The only safe way to double-bag is The Tabasco Fiasco]
by lilmookie October 11, 2010
A ghetto name.
Hey, I wish I had my way
Cause everyday would be a Friday
You could even speed on the highway
I would play ghetto games
Name my kids ghetto names Little Mookie, big Al, Lorraine
by lilmookie December 06, 2012

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