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A synchronous punch to both the head and the vagina/cock.
Usually reserved for people that piss you off so much, they should feel immense pain, in the shortest amount of time.
Jodie kept coming and asking stupid questions, so i double punched the bitch. Now she's dead.
by MarkHC January 11, 2006
in fisting, where you slam both your fists up the guys buttpipe at once. you have to have him nicely relaxed first, otherwise you're gun tear him.
1. jeez dave, you gotta take it slow if you wanna double punch me.

2. "oscar is walking like someone drove a train up his ass!"

"yuh, that fist queen can't lay off the doublepunching."
by zippdidoo Da January 12, 2010
a double punch is a punch that uses both hands. it will knock the opponent at least 50 feet away.
10 miles away, people hear a sonic boom. they automatically say: Oh, double punch
by bamf10338 June 21, 2009

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