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When a male's urethra tip sticks together and causes urine to shoot out in two opposing and unpredictable streams.
"Dude, I just pissed all over your potpourri dish on the back of the toilet..."

"What the fuck man!? Why would you do that?"

"I'm sorry, it was a double dragon."

"Well clean that shit up before my girl gets home from work to take a bath!! Fucking retard."
by Illiac August 30, 2009
When you are so fucked up that you simultaneously shit and puke.
Joe got so fucked up he pulled a double dragon in my bed, now I have to throw out the matress.
by BurningInFlames September 10, 2005
A two-handed hand-job that is performed using large quantities of lube (I.E. KY or saliva), and definitely both hands. To do the double dragon, the giver must be using the left and right hands to twist and slide up and down the shaft, while the receiver makes thrusting motions, and the hands must be locked together and work as a double dragon sliding up and down the cock, while rotating around and sliding up and down vigorously. Often results in massive splooge.
Me and Marie went to 7/11 where I bought some lube and she gave me the ultimate 'Double Dragon' around back.
by omgwtfbbq22 August 10, 2007
1. an extremely popular arcade game from the late 80's that involved roaming the streets and beating up gangsters.
2. a woman having 2 penises in her vagina simultaneously.
1. double dragon was a wicked cool game.
2. i saw a double dragon in that porno, man that was fucked up
by Russell Berry September 03, 2004
When you have a bad stomach / food poisoning and end up spewing diarrhoea while also throwing up.
Man, that burritto really did a number on me- I was pulling a double-dragon all night
by randomlysid June 19, 2011
Whilst your girlfriend fellates you onboard an enemy helicopter, slowly insert a standard NES controller into her anus. Upon reaching orgasm, yank the controller out as quickly as possible. Then, hurricane kick her through the open helicopter hatch, shouting after her, "Marian does it better, bitch!"
"So, yeah, the old lady and me had some angry make-up sex on the way to Cuba. I gave her the ol' Double Dragon, and I didn't see her until breakfast."
by Billy and Jimmy Lee July 10, 2008
The act of vomiting while taking a shit due to alcoholic intoxication.
"I woke up really hung over and had to take a shit. Due to the effort in releasing the crap, I had to vomit. It was a double dragon."
by Thousand Wrinkles April 20, 2010
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