Sucking a dick while eating a corndog. This can be dangerous because you might forget which is which and bite the guy's dick or dip it in mustard or something like that.
"That trannie was double doggin' me. But when she finished she stuck the corndog stick up my dick hole. Major weak sauce."
by Herschel Quintron December 29, 2003
Top Definition
When you put two roller dogs on one bun and pay for one.

"Oh shit, I totally got busted double doggin' it at the Phillips 66!"
by Sleepdepped June 09, 2006
V. To take two dicks in one hole.
Margo: God, I was double doggin' for sooo long last night.
Josh: Shut up Margo, no one likes you.
Mr. Hawkins: SHUT UP!
by latinist. November 11, 2009
An urban dance move in which the head is cocked to one side of the body while the clasped hands are on other side of the body. The performer then looks sideways at his female prey in a lurid and sexually suggestive manner.

This "move" has never resulted in the perfomer obtaining consentual sexual relations.
Person #1 - Dude, that guy has been Double Doggin' it with every girl in the club - each and everyone one of them has looked at him like he's a pervert.
Person #2 - Yeah, that's cuz he is a pervert.
by Stinky McGinty October 30, 2004
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