Going poop and wiping clean thinking you are done. Only to realize you have to sit back down and push more brown.
Double Dip:

Damn it I just wiped till I was raw, pulled my pants up and flushed. Now I have to sit back down and force another load out my o-ring.
by DingDongDeck July 05, 2012
When someone takes food out of a bag or dips finger in a sauce, they lick their finger and put it back in for more..

hence the double dip
Emily: Can I have a crisp?
Amy: Yeah sure!
Emily: Thanks! *Takes crisp, licks salt off finger*
Emily: Can I have another one?
Amy: Go for it!
Emily: *Puts finger with all spit on it back into the packet*
Amy: Ew! You just double dipped me!
by RossGeller'sWife May 17, 2012
When a guy thinks he will get into your pants because he's already done it at least one time before.
Jack and Jill hook up one day. They stop talking. Some time passes (a month, a few months, a year). Jack is reminded of Jill by a social media post and hits her up expecting to be able to double dip. He got her to say yes before, what's to say she won't do it again.
by Hialice September 23, 2015
A devious sex move where a man penetrates a bitch's vagina, and then swiftly pulls out and penetrate her ass. When the bitch yells or says something about it, the man takes his dick out of her ass, and goes back penetrating the vagina.
Ken pulled off the double dip on his girlfriend because he found out that she was a skanky ho who slept with nine of his friends.
by SnakeBiter November 16, 2009
When you wipe the little speck of piss/cum on your dick with toilet paper, then proceed to wipe your ass with the same piece of toilet paper, or vice versa. Consumption is optional.
Did you see that guy double dip?

Hell yeah, his dick is going to smell like shit for awhile now.
by deliciousdoubledips November 12, 2011
to ask the same girl twice
Dude: I'm so gonna ask stacy out...
Dude 2: But didn't u already do that and she totes rejected you?
Dude: yeah, but that was a while back...im gonna double dip
by Renzuli August 18, 2011
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