When one heroine addict pokes himself, then another injects with the same syringe. Can be done multiple times e.g triple dip / quadra dip
Heroine addict 1 - "Yo man I just got that hero, u tryin' to double dip?"
Matt Lac - "Ya dog I did that shit in prison all the time."
by That guy that made elly cry December 26, 2010
The act of having unprotected vaginal sex with two or more women in a twelve hour period without washing your penis.
Dude I screwed Ashley then I double dipped Sarah.
::High Five::
by dead dinosaur hauler December 07, 2007
To go swimming/hot tubing with a lip of chewing tobacco (a dip).
Tim: Lets go swimming
John: Lets go for a double dip
Time: Yeah budday grab the tin
by Brotrand September 20, 2011
to stick your penis in a girls vagina take it out make her suck it stick your penis back in her vagina and repeat as many times as you want
when you are having sex and you double dip and enjoy
by Will Markle July 27, 2010
to stick your weiner in chip-dip, lick, and re-dip without sanitizing first.
by pun tang October 17, 2003
While a girl is giving you a blow job you quick pull out stick it in her vagina once and then stick it back into her mouth. Double Dip.
Aaron was getting a blow job the other day and decided to give the girl a double dip.
by Thatonedude69 April 25, 2009
Sticking dick in shit, then into vagina
man, I double dipped that hoe last night, she stank!
by Phatjokes January 27, 2009
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