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someone that sucks butt
butt sucker
by FLiX July 03, 2002
A radiohead song. Useful for killing a party or comically depressing everyone in the bar when it goes on the jukebox.
"Before all hell breaks loo-oose..."

"Goddammit! Is this Exit Music???"
by Flix February 02, 2006
It's a kangaroo trained to guard your house. What the fuck else did you think it was?
The guardaroo pounced up and, gripping the burglar's genitals, removed them with a quick twist.
by Flix December 08, 2009
a party. used to confuse and perplex.
"Yo, part D at Cheryl's tonight."
by Flix January 29, 2006
To talk to; also, potentially, to have sex with.
(Shouted at window)

"Flareese! Lemme come up and tukta you!"
by Flix October 27, 2008
Vis a vis "flypaper". A bar or other establishment that attracts a large number of what can only be described as "douches". Douchepaper can be identified by the douche chills felt immediately upon entering.
"Gawd, Spike Hill is total douchepaper!"
by Flix November 24, 2007
A session of intense thought while on the shitter.
"Hey Bill, any thoughts on what our bid for the MacGregor contract should be?"

"Chuck, I'm still not sure. Let me take a shink and get back to you."
by Flix September 25, 2008

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