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A Nigerian pronoun that allows you to refer yourself in the third person, especially when saying something that shows how proud you are of yourself. A way of boasting.
Instead of saying "I am a crazy ass bookworm; I got the best swagger there is", say, "Doro crazy ass bookworm, but doro's got the best swagger ever"

Doro got the latest ego update.

Haha...Don Jazzy said, "Doro get the biggest label wey you know" Offcourse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by kaykwanu May 20, 2014
24 7
A Nigerian pronoun that could mean any of the following: I, I am, I am a, Me, Your name. It is a way of referring to yourself in the third person, especially when blowing your trumpet.
Doro don buy the latest mercedes benz wey dey fly...offcourse!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by kaykwanu May 21, 2014
7 3
chicken in ethiopian
get me some doro, we love doro ayhayay
by h to da z November 13, 2007
16 19