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Noun - kink
Plural - kinks
As in "a kink". sexual tastes for a person. Usually a kink is an unusual taste in sexual behaviour.

The following example is NOT me or anyone i know.
One of jane's KINKS was wearing lycra while being spanked.
by Blushaman January 19, 2006
Someone who is kinky may be called a kink.

Said person generally has a fetish(es) seen as abnormal to the public, ie. biting, bondage/bsdm, public sex, spanking, tranny sex, etc.

Shy girls tend to be, although surprizing to the male population, kinks.
A: Sydney seems like such a prude. She needs to get laid.

B: No, she's a pretty big kink. She lets me tie her up and give it to her up the bum.
by GinevraC: February 27, 2010
Doing in bed what others only think about.
There are many types of kink.
by OneBadAsp October 22, 2006
Super Sexy Secret Lover
Person 1: You're my kink
Person 2: Your what?
Person 1: My kink, my super sexy secret lover
Person 2: Okay, well Then you're my kink too
by JayTheDJ June 29, 2011
A discriminatory term for someone who is of Morman religion or displays characteristics of a steryotypical Morman.
Billy: Wow Jenna is so prude.

Zach: Yeah what a kink.
by PsApple57 January 14, 2009
To kiss someone on the hand. A gentlemanly gesture that makes the ladies swoon every time.
Guy 1 - "What are you smiling about?"

Guy 2 - "I just kinked Marissa... HARD!"
by Bubzy February 27, 2012
a subculture that tends to wear shants, tank tops. often kinks have stretched ears and enjoy to listen to punk pop bands such as "the wonder years" and "chunk, no captain chunk"
"guess what, johnny!?"
"im going to go see chunk no captain chunk this weekend!"
"wow grant! your suck a fucken kink!"
by imnotafuckenhipster! January 23, 2012