A person, usually female, who although lovely might be a bit naive or absent-minded.
Holly is wonderful, but she's a bit doppy!
by Ian Chode June 05, 2003
Top Definition
Pennsylvania Dutch term meaning clumsy.
George tripped walking up the step. He is so doppy.
by Ellen S. in Pa. August 08, 2007
An elated feeling similar to getting high but achieved through non-chemical means.
Homestar and friends like eating pie and getting doppy.
by spokmage January 22, 2007
To be extremely clumsy, goofy, different, weird, and funny.
She always did seem a little Doppy to me...
by K-rock August 17, 2012
Incorrect spelling of "dopey."
See "dopey."
by Trinity August 20, 2003
someone who loves doopy
doppy loves doopy

doppy is in love with doopy
by David K April 28, 2005
Someone who is: fat, dumb, lazy, smelly, cheap, stinky, stupid, foul and dim-wiited.
Did you hear about Rob? He refuses to wash his clothes because it costs too much money and take a lot of effort. Insted he sprays them with Lysol. He is so doppy!
by Gina December 23, 2003
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