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1. Adjective describing that which has the properies of a wanker.

2. Adjective describing something that has pretentions of being really serious and important, but is really just a bunch of bullshit.

3. Abstract noun referring to the property of being totally fucking retarded.
"I'm sick of all these wankery Star Wars assholes trying to tell me George Lucas is a genius."

"This place reeks of wankery."
by Jonbron May 26, 2005
A man or woman who is romantically aloof, passionless when it comes to love and/or sex.
"We were going out for a month and I had to ask permission to sit next to her on the couch. That bitch was cold rice."
by Jonbron May 24, 2005
v. To have sex with doppelgangers of people that one knows or has known in the past.
‘Jack prefers to doppelbang. He only has sex with girls that look like his first girlfriend.’
by JonBron March 18, 2006
To give a blow job, fellatio.
"Did she go down on you...y'know, did she flush your toilet?"

by Jonbron May 24, 2005
A pretty idiot, of course.
I'd bone that pridyit, so long as I don't have to date her.
by Jonbron June 24, 2005
n. One who doppelbangs. One who continually has sex with similar or identical looking people.
That doppelbanger only fucks 400 pound greasy weightlifters.
by JonBron March 18, 2006
Used to modify a verb or entire phrase, roughly meaning 'quickly'. Often used to indicate that a series of events will be completed quickly, one after the other.
C'mon, let's go, boom boom.

So we'll smoke a J, check out the party, if that sucks we'll head to the bar, boom boom.
by Jonbron May 26, 2005

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