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Problematic situation categorised by error, complicated information or challenge.
"I have made the same mistake again! Wow! This is a doosey!"

"Watch out for that last step - It's a doosey!"
by McLain August 15, 2008
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a single small rizzler spliff.
give us a drag on this doosey blud.
by twat lips May 31, 2011
A name for a woman of questionable morals. Will do anything (or anyone) to make a quick buck or get a free meal. Usually looks unkept and crackwhorish in fashion style. Feminine hygiene is usually an afterthought. Never leave her alone in your house without valuables and pets locked up. Never leave her alone with your spouse.
Hey bro, did you hear what that crazy Doosey did last night? She went down on 2 butch biker chicks and a mutt for a corn dog and a light beer behind the 7/11!
by Unkle Red March 12, 2012
The act of receiving an alcoholic enema. This is done to bypass the taste of very low grade grain alcohol, ie Popov and it will get you drunk very quickly.
Man, This whiskey tastes like crap, I am just gonna go for a doosey instead.
by The Doosmeister January 21, 2010
Something that sucks or isn't any good news.
look at that girl, she looks like doosey
by wonderwomen1234567890 March 16, 2009

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