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Pretty, Amiable, Graceful and Sensible lady.
My girlfriend is soo rude, I wish she were a Doose.
#graceful #sensible #intelligent #amiable #almost-amazing
by mos-anon April 17, 2013
to go and take a big shit
"Hey man, i gotta go drop a doose"
by pookie April 04, 2005
1.) An Animal that is half duck, half moose. It is normally found in your backyard or wherever Cap'n Crunch is sold.
Guy 1: Whoa man, you better put away that beef jerky. A doose might be near.

Guy 2: Okay, those animals can get pretty crazy.
#moose #duck #guy #beef #jerky
by Dooses4ever May 04, 2009
a combination of a deer and a moose; commonly and often humorously confused with deuce
Steve: Dude, I was walking a trail the other day and saw this fat doose over by the trees.
James: That is disgusting.
#deer #moose #deuce #animal #hairy
by RufflesStiltskin November 15, 2011
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