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the name for someone who is awesome and adorable.

an affectionate expression towards a silly and cute person.
aw, doopie. i miss you.
by ViperRoom June 27, 2009
A nerd, in a good way. An awesome nerd\scientist.
by Doopie2 July 08, 2010
Someone who is like a piece of poop; worthless and mean.
Man, he was so mean!
Yeah, he was being a Doopie!
by vtrevino12 February 09, 2012
this can describe anything and everything- like certain languauges, it is all in the way that the word is spoken that the meaning is determined.
She is way more doopie than her sister
by Freegrrl October 26, 2006
Combination of the word "dump" and "poopie". Used to describe an action in the bathroom.
"Hey man are you going to the bathroom"
"Ya I have to take a doopie"
by sukdheep June 26, 2009
Doopie means that someone is Stupid, silly, clueless and basically anything degrading in that way.
Oh my god dude, you are so doopie!
by Monty hxc February 20, 2009
1. doopie is another name for a turd, crap, shit, poo

2. doopie is also the nickname of the cutest chihuahua alive
oh snap Doopie just dropped a stinky doopie!!!
by TEB August 19, 2006

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