To mess up something that any other person with common sense could do right
Why isnt the remote working?....Doops i forgot the batteries
by Alaina b September 18, 2007
Someone who's a lame ass
Scott is a doop
by Christy February 12, 2003
Yeah, i heard he dooped her up the pooper!
by your mom July 03, 2003
the act of relieving oneself of digested food.
I dooped all that broccoli I ate yesterday and I feel so much better.
by Funk January 19, 2003
a very harsh slang word for a boys private part penis
something your mother would not tell you to say
Betty sue called evan a doops for taking her chicken nuggets.

george watson is a doops.

doops come in many shapes and sizes.

doops come in vanilla, mocha, and chocolate.
by katieeeeeeeeee December 30, 2006
Another reference to crap or doodie
Margaret refuses to use the term doop.
by Jezca January 19, 2003
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