Noun. Verb. Adjective.
1. A word used to expressed surprise

2. A word to use when you mess up doing something

3. A word which can be pretty much used for anything, and conjugated in many ways

Has too many meanings to name
Originated from the children's show "Berenstein Bears", when Papa Bear exclaimed "DOOPS!" while spelunking with Freddy, Sister, and Brother.
1. "What the doops!?"

2. "I can't find the keys. Doops! They're in my hand!"

3. "What the doopsing H is going on?"
by stephster575 April 14, 2011
Poop. That's pretty much what it means.. Can be used as like "Aw doop!" Meaning "Aw crap!"
I just took a huge doop..
by sarahwillson January 29, 2011
a diarrhea-poop; squishy but still solid.
After drinking last night, I had a major doop this morning.
by lichelle January 13, 2006
L337 talk for "Duplicate"

See also d00p
I sold him <insert rare object here>.
WHA?! R U Nsane?
It's ok... I dooped (d00ped) it.
"HEY, Can you doop(d00p) this?
by Ghouki January 10, 2006
somebody who is a complete and utter idiot, and is somewhat retarded in many ways

plural: doopie
oi john, why be a fucking doops all your life and pass me the ketchup

golly gosh, why do u always have to be such a doops martha

mary ann kimberland called ross springfield a doopie for stealing her egg roll
by John_28 July 12, 2007
a combination of the words duh and oops
like when Homer says "DOH" just say "doops" instead.
by TiffanyTheGreat May 15, 2006
To mess up something that any other person with common sense could do right
Why isnt the remote working?....Doops i forgot the batteries
by Alaina b September 18, 2007

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