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Underwear of someone.
I slowly took off his drawls.
by Boughie Queen January 14, 2005
Unrelated to the verb "to draw," a drawl (noun) is a characteristic of speech. It is produced by lengthening vowel sounds, and is most commonly heard in southern or western American dialects. Drawl can also be used as a verb: drawl, drawls, drawled, drawling.
Cowboys in movies always speak with a drawl. A lot of people think all southerners drawl, too.
by Romula March 29, 2004
Underwear...boxers, briefs, panties,, etc.
So check it out - ladies, not gentlemen
Drop your drawls, come and sit
And let's get into this yeah ..
NWA - Findum, Fuckum & Flee
#dmd #draws #drawers #g-string #flossin'
by hazbro January 01, 2007
drawz..knickerz !
im tryna get in dem drawlz
by *e* January 06, 2004
Got the drawls dog. -Tommy from Martin (90's t.v. show)
#draws #daunt daunts #underwear #tightywhites #panties #clothes
by Baltimore Laundry September 11, 2014
To make Greg irritated
Look at my drawling
#greg #draw #color #fun #joke
by Genie K August 06, 2015
The state of being unfavorable, disappointing, disgusting, low-rate, gross, horrible, etc.

emphasis: shit-stained drawls
I didn't make the basketball team because my jump-shot was absolutely drawls.

I almost vomited when I saw an 70 year-old cougar a club trying dance in a little dress and one of her shit-stained drawls titties popped out.
#wack #nasty ass #gross #terrible #booty #shitty #awful #sucks
by The Never Ending Penis May 13, 2011
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