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I just bought this Dooney & Bourke purse yesterday at South Coast Plaza.
by Lauren April 02, 2005
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The epitome of mismatching colors, animal skins and African baby hair all jumbled together to make one, butt-ugly mismatched purse.
"Did you puke all over your shoulder and arm?"
"No! It's my Dooney and Bourke purse OMG STFU!!!"
by Ms. Drac December 02, 2007
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the best purses ever...really expensive...but not as much as prada, etc, but u get better quality...
My Dooney is the pimpass purse!
by Sarah_Elizabeth April 13, 2005
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ugly purses. For real, why yall like them they UGLY.
I prefer Luie Vuitton, Chanel, Baby Phat & Gucci to ugly ass Dooney & bourke.
D&B don't stand fo Dooney & Bourke it stand for "Dick N Booty"
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these purses are the cutes purses out there. If you dont like them, you are probly not american like, mexican or african american or arabian, or you cant afford them. I also like prada, gucci, coach, ect.
me: Look! i got a new dooney and bourke!
another person: I hate do'se purses yo!
me:just cuz you cant afford them doesnt mean you have to slam them like that!
by snobb16 January 15, 2007
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