A term for a young girl between the ages of 14 - 21 that is an extreme hottie.

Usually found on internet sites like myspace with pictures of themselves not realizing they give perv's material to jack it with.

This term is most commonly used during a cat call.
"OH YOU DOOGIE!!!!" he shouted out the window of his Camaro as he drove past the high school.

Beware of the DOOGIE. They could get you 10 - 20.
by Brownie Johnson August 11, 2006
Your partner, someone that you are close to. Your best friend.
Hey, me and my doogie wanted to know if we can get down on that.
by Babyboy May 25, 2005
another way of saying I have a turtle head poking out.
Man I got a doogie poking out.
by lawanda March 10, 2005
A hard, long, black poop. A variation of the commonly used word "dookie" that is the craze at my school.
"I did a doogie last night without realizing it, and when I looked in the toilet I was like FUCCKKK THAT THING LOOKS LIKE IT CAME OUT OF A SOFT SERVE MACHINE. ITS SO BIG IM 99% SURE IT HAS A PULSE..."

"thats nasty..."
by chillbeans March 07, 2010
Someone who is stupid or retarted.
That kid is such a doogie.
by taylor patterson March 15, 2006
the brown discharge that squirts like grapefruit from a woman's dangly lip things.
i hope that doogie dont come into my eye!
by bunky September 17, 2003
A little weasel who likes to use computers and jack off to old russian dogs and animated porn. He smells like a butt.
Man, that Doogie is sick mother fucker
by Jake November 30, 2004

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