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Those three annoying high-pitched ascending tones you hear on the phone when you've reached a wrong number and/or there's a problem with the connection.
I cxlled my girlfriend's old telephone number and got a doodly.
by pentozali June 18, 2007
6 4
Nothlng. Abbreviated form of 'doodly-squat,' a term in use in the 50s and 60s.
"We fished all day, and what did we get? Doodly!"
by Mogo the Mugger February 27, 2006
7 5
A youngster, usually used when referring to grandchildren
My mother refers to her grandchildren as doodlies (doodly, singular). The first born is referred to as doodly 1, and so on.
by LindaLou Chaney October 31, 2010
1 2