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basically sum1 who doodles sum1 (not a drawing btw) wen they actually doodle with their doodle
George: omg ur such a doodler
Sam: (whilst george is talking) doodles doodles lalalal lick me
by meh me March 03, 2007
1. Doooooooooodler!!!

2.Greeting name for all awesome dudes.

3.When doing something or have just said something wrong, doodler may also indicate a bad thing you or a person has done.

4. Replaces the lesser word "dude"
1. Fred: "What's up doodler?!"

Tom: "Not much doodler!!!"

2. "Dude that chick is so fat and ugly, plus she's a total skank!"

"Doodler, not cool doodler."
by Faggotluver69 April 20, 2010
Drew Phillips. One who doodles repeatedly.
I doodled again! *cries*
by Alex June 08, 2003
the master of the blaster
Beware the doodler, because art is dumb.
by mynumbaonefan November 28, 2004
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