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To slip someone the cheeky finger while shouting another parties name.
I can't believe she gave me a drummond last night. I didn't even know she knew Bob.
by bobbobthebobbob July 24, 2011
Coming from the old Scottish meaning: A person or persons who resides on a hill.
Where has Will gone?
He's up on the hill with the Drummonds'
by Nolea September 03, 2009
Slang for anyone who hooks up with a close friend's cousin. Often times he will only hang around when she's also around.

It can be used as male, female, or both at the same time in Arkansas.
Did you see that Rob totally drummond' Ryan last night.

Note: Since drummond already to refers to the act of hooking up with one's cousin, saying Ryan's cousin is not needed.
by ndubs1128 August 09, 2011

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