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When one has nipples on his/her ass cheeks.
"May I touch your Doobies kind sir?"
"Sure, go right ahead fine chap."
by Assdus August 02, 2007
30 74
when someone farts in a small area and is smelt by everyone.
Dude, did you just throw a dooby?!
Nah man, that wasn't me.
by dj dangaaaaa August 27, 2008
13 61
breasts, of the female kind
she had a cracking pair of doobies
by bazmond February 27, 2006
21 73
A slimline gentleman of great sexual prowess, usually associated with smoking weed, drinking beers, and performing oral sex on unsuspecting members of the public
WHOA that's Dooby...over there molesting that goose
by Spyke March 20, 2003
29 87
a slang for the number 2
there was dooby people there or i aint had no square in dooby days cuzz
by Kim October 10, 2003
8 78
Large mole
Holy Moley Moley Moley! Okk at the size of that dooby
by zero April 30, 2003
12 83