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5 definitions by FutureHistory

a marajuanna joint, as in a splif or J
pass the doobie bud,
hey man you got a doobie?
by FutureHistory April 08, 2006
295 218
something SO!! good and great it's better than perfect it's future history one day in the future kids will be learning about it in class during history lessons
1 i'm the future man i'm futurehistory,
2 Damn she's fine - she's futurehistory,
3 this gang, were future history right here in the making scoobs.
by FutureHistory April 08, 2006
2 0
1 a word for a new person
2 a derivative from sheesh/sheesha meaning marajuanna
1 hey fish when you get in here
2 toss the fish before the filth come
by FutureHistory April 08, 2006
1 6
scoob or scoobs is a best mate, like a bud you know all your life that you grew up with and see every single day with out fail - so close your like family - your scoobs
goin get all the scoobs round for the party tonight
by FutureHistory April 08, 2006
12 28
sheesha or sheesh some times sortened to fish or feesh derives from the word hasheesh and is a northen english slang term for weed (marajuwanna).
pass the doob bud i need some sheesh,
or i'm a sheesha veteran (if you smoke a lotta fish)
by FutureHistory April 08, 2006
12 134