also spelled Doobe or Dube, it is a drink made of sobe and dubra vodka

similar to "mountain dewbra" but much better tasting.

procedure for mixing and drinking a doobie:
-purchase any flavor of Sobe in a glass bottle (for possible smashing later in the night)
-drink varying ammounts of the sobe, depending on how much fun you want to have
-refill the bottle to the top with Dubra Vodka at the affordable price of 6 dollars a handle
-cruise the hood and light your cigar (optional)

Strawberry Daiquiri is the best flavor of Sobe to mix a Doobie with.
by Adrian M. November 13, 2007
A dude boobie. Synonym of manboob.
Ew, he has huge doobies!
by DrPOPO December 15, 2007
What's left of a joint or blunt after smoking it. They are sometimes saved and smoked later, or put in another joint or blunt.
"put that doobie out man, its too small."

"Anybody got a pipe to put this doobie in?"
by chel-c July 05, 2006
The hay that cows roll around in and play on.
We should go doobie with the cows! lETS GO!
by BEYONCE November 08, 2003
A hairstyle or a slang for a joint
nice doobie home boy
by Shaneo October 17, 2003
a word said when choosing who next gets the joint. Whoever says 'doo' first recieves joint!
person with joint 'doobie'
Person to next recieve joint 'doo'
by darkpharie February 01, 2004
the thing that master yoda did that made him all fucked up!!!
This doobie, will toke all night, i will.
by nate dayon November 21, 2003

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