very small dick,doob,little swonse
"dam chris put your doob away your scaring the neighbors""u got a small doobie kidd!
by jackmehoff September 25, 2004
1.) The opposite of a don't-be
2.) Breasts, of the female kind
3.) Mary Ja Wana...
Do be a doobie

She got nice doobies

Lets have a dobbie!
by Kyle Schultz September 06, 2006
do me a doobie, dont be a dont-be
Im going to go home, sit on my couch and smoke a big, fat doobie.
by nuclearpenguin June 04, 2003
A hellafied word to say. If you are ever really bored and want to say something cool. Just say "doobie".
"Did that kid just spank me?"
by J-dubbles May 21, 2004
one who rules; 0wnz; 0wnz j00.
i am doobie. i 0wn j00.
by doobie March 24, 2003
a rolled piece of tape, creating double-sided stickiness.
Why don't you use a doobie to hang the poster up?
by adp January 21, 2005
a dirty joint aka a joint laced with something typically cocaine
guy 1: you got the coke?
guy 2: you got the weed?
guy 1: yeah, i got it.
guy 2: well then, let's roll a doobie.
by alice k. August 04, 2005

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