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2 definitions by swimfromKOREA

similar to a dictator. this specific breed of bossy asshole lives in all places, but can sometimes be hard to find. when you do find him/her you'll know. they'll be really fucking annoying and want everyone to agree with what they say, and do what they say. the fucktator is a bothersome dumbass, a fucking dictator on a smaller scale.
What a fucking fucktator.

What's that?

That fucking guy over there.
by swimfromKOREA January 05, 2009
a compound insult. the melding of the terms douche and noob to produce, doob. simply, a douche noob.
you are such a fucking doob cabel.

what does that mean mike? is that like a douche noob?
by swimfromKOREA January 05, 2009