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n. in poker, a player who will call any bet rather than fold, even when their cards are bad. Named for the ignorant and unmoveable donkey, the "donk" won't ever move out of a hand and fold, no matter how much you bet. Thus bluffing does no good against donks, so you might as well not even try it. Especially infuriating when these donks end up getting lucky on the turn and the river, coming up with great hands when any reasonable person would have folded long ago. See also "calling station"
I had aces in the hole. I bet huge on all streets. This stupid donk keeps calling me with 7-4 offsuit, and hits a 7 on the turn and a 4 on the river to beat me. Man, do I hate donks.
by benjasdad-2000 June 21, 2009
218 168
(n) a huge shit, sometimes big enough to clog a toilet
Bro, I just dropped a donk in your bathroom so you may want to stay out of there for the next few days.
by Jonkey May 01, 2008
6 29
A donk is a vehicle such as a Cutlass Supreme, Caprice Classic, Impala, or a Monte Carlo. Mainly referring to the old school models of these cars.
Damn look at that donk!
by emoc December 22, 2004
30 53
Another word for taking a poop
Man I gotta take a donk!
by Seans sweaty taint November 07, 2003
8 31
The act of sex; nonreproductive or otherwise.
See that girl with the busted grill. I donked her.
by Elroy Fitz February 01, 2004
5 29
A long time. Originally 'Donkies years' due to Donkies having a long life line. Shortened down to Donkies, and Finally Donks.
"Hello Jeremy Beadle! I havent spoken to you for donks!"
"I havent seen Ben Fong-Torres for Donkies Years!"
by Hannah-Marie September 15, 2007
19 44
a donk is a cross breed between a dog and a donkey.
Look at that Donk trying to save the world.
by Johnny_aint_dead June 29, 2007
6 31
a donk is another for a stupid fuckin idiot
oh my gosh wayne is a donk
by anon April 15, 2005
32 57