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Dumbass Overrated Nigger Kid
Soulja Boy = Donk
by Spicyhamz July 13, 2008
to get messed up so bad that you steal old peoples underwear when they go to take a dump.
I got so donked this weakend.
by Spanky mc Wackwack December 12, 2003
to pull a donks: to do strange things to PWN PWN PWN!!!!
ask donks.
by someone who cares :D November 09, 2003
The Engine of a car, usually a V8 351 Windsor Ford engine.
Pull the donk out and replace it fool!
by Squatdog October 27, 2003
To be a juvenile.
I was a donk for 12 years, living in juvi hall like it was my home.
by Ravi February 25, 2004
The proper way to say "democrat"
No fool, they're not Dems, they're Donks.
by Anon April 11, 2004
Semi-attractive girl attending Florida State University who loves to get wasted and hook up. Usually pretty sloppy.
"Hey were you at Bullwinkles last night?"
"Yeah, the donks were plentiful."
by Birdness June 16, 2008