when you stick your dick into a chick then after 5 min DONE!
uh yeah fuck me! DONE!
by scarlethighgirl March 15, 2010
Adj. (Dun)
Definition--All The Paint is Chipped off
Schultz's Garage is Done!!!!
by Topsi Cret August 14, 2007
Accronym for Deliberating On the Non-Essentials...when preparing for a trip...Im DONE...
Sruge: Any, hows it going
Ping: Nah man just DONE
by tailung March 29, 2011
Completely and utterly in love with someone no matter what.
I'm done for Dave Matthews. Absolutely done.
by Dancing Melissa June 02, 2005
Fried, doughey delicacies more commonly known as donuts or doughnuts. Often enjoyed with coff or maybe some sips. Purhchased at the local DnD.
1. You guys want some munch? I got the dones and the coff in the truck, let's go!

2. Alright, let's go out and get some dones to supplement our Food-a-call.
by Shortass October 12, 2004
Refers to a circumcised penis
"Done done done done done done we are done" sang Arwin and the two Paul's as they danced around the shower
by Trog11 March 09, 2015

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