when you are completely over something or someone
"I am so done with my mum Shannan"
"Me too, Sheridan, I am so done."
by pkpaigeerhay December 29, 2013
Trinidadian slang meaning to end a relationship with a person
Scotty: Shannon we done!!!
Shannon: But Scotts why?
Scotty: We done Shannon right we done
by Music Princess 23 December 24, 2010
(v) an act in which the subject throws his hands in the air and declares done. this means that said person no longer cares or wishes to remove his or her selves from the proceedings
person 1: hey lets go to the brokencyde concert! person 2: DONE!!!!!!
by fantanas May 11, 2009
1. Finished.

2. The full measure of cooking was finished before food is served.

3. An emphatic expression of confidence, sometimes intentionally involving inappropriate mixing of tenses, especially in CB slanguage, to indicate that something in the future is as sure as if it already happened.
1-2. "I'm done."

"Turn over and brown on the other side."

3. When a bible-mouthed gunnybagger ratchets his jaw, (see ratchet jaw), he done blow your doors off for sure.
by Downstrike May 30, 2004
To be done with something or someone

But not really meaning it intentionally or 100%
Used mostly out of anger or frustration
"I'm so done with you"…
by constitutionally February 18, 2016
A counsentual no strings attached giving of a mans sperm to a woman for the purpose of procreation
After years of being single and having the baby itch Judith put on her craigslist casual encounters listing, " Not looking for anything serious, just a nice guy to done.
by Bigwhoops January 20, 2011
To donate to a cause.
After weeks of running around town to secure sponsors for our event it became apparent most companies don't Dōne or lead you on to believe they will.
by Golden029 December 24, 2015
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