a state of being greatly humored.
"Yo I was done when she fell down the steps."
by Alison August 20, 2004
when you are beaten badly, caught out for doing the wrong thing, drunk to the point you are legless (falling over)
idiots on the street throwing bricks at cars, DONE!!!!

hes had way too much to drink, hes done, TAXIIII!!!!
by bobs yer uncle March 04, 2008
A word used to describe a person that is overly haggard, dry (drunk and high) or completely out of it
<man> Yo man you killed of that 26'er last night to yourself eh
<dude> Yea man i was so done
by Gito man June 02, 2005
Short for Methadone. Of course pronounced with a long "o" rather than pronounced "dun".
Man, I need to go back to the clinic. I'm bout out of done.
by PsychoActivist November 02, 2008
slang term for hydrocodone. not done as in finished, but rhymes with cone
hey bro you got a done you can spare?
by lankston October 31, 2007
Completely and utterly out of style and overly popular. More severe than tired, and even more severe than over.
Nate: "The Roxy used to be alright, but no it's tired and over."
Chris: "and frankly, maybe even done."
by Nate January 07, 2005
A phrase used for when someone has been skilled up or has been outdone by someone else or something.
Guy 1: Did you see the match yesterday, It was 10-0 to Team 1.

Guy 2: I know yeah, Team 2 got done you know"
by Branzy93 April 29, 2010

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