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adj. - used to describe one's condition, usually after something bad has happened
"Yo, you playin ball tomorrow?"
"Nah man, I broke my leg playin today."
"Ahh man, I know that must hurt."
"Yeah man, I'm done up."
by G. Vinny September 19, 2003
2 3
1. Dressing well, as to attend a formal function.
2. In youth culture, dressing in a manner which is comparable to that of a prostitute.
1. His wife really got done up for the company dinner.

2. I still need to get done up before I give blowjobs in the mall men's room.
by Lexicon Master September 03, 2003
41 21
to be fully complete to a certain social meaning or status.
"man that car is all done up"
"those guys got done up"
by x September 03, 2003
12 4
While playing a sport, one who gets done up is one who is shown up. For example you cannot guard against a lay up and your opposition does a nice move going up to the hoop, in which you cant guard against.

Gettin shown up or played esp by a nice joke
Joe screamed U GOT DONE UP as he cracked SMELO in NBA 2k3
by SW23 March 09, 2006
8 1
making something, including yourself look good, its best
The girls got all done up for the prom
by amanda September 03, 2003
6 1
putting back one's hair in order to appear fashionable or pretty; usually styled in a way to get attention
Look at lil' shorty's hair all done up.
by me September 03, 2003
9 5
The act of being high.
Man, I was so done up at the club last night.
by anonymous August 30, 2003
6 2
When a car is modified for racing purposes or just for looks.
That car is really nice, it was done up good.
by gorobtchouk May 31, 2008
3 1