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A domestic partnership is a legal or personal relationship between two individuals who live together and share a common domestic life but are neither joined by marriage nor a civil union.
Ben and Liz are in a domestic partnership.
by ahov101 February 22, 2011
363 202
a relationship status on Facebook that actually just means that you're living with someone but you're not romantically linked to said person. it's kind of dumb.
i'm in a domestic partnership with my best friend Jen.
by not that bitch March 03, 2011
448 361
When two people love each other and want to live together, but are too broke or lazy to do a wedding.
Honey, you are going to have to work overtime to pay for a wedding.
I have a better idea, we can be a domestic partnership and after 5 years the state will marry us for free!!
by Dr. Truth Detector August 06, 2011
209 163
A pretend marriage.
Dude, why dont you marry Haley?

Because we're in a domestic partnership and I can book it if I ever feel the need!
by AnonymousHellian March 06, 2011
128 129
A relationship where the people involved are kind and loving towards each-other.
Yo, we in a good domestic partnership!
by Natalllaaayyy March 05, 2011
88 114
a domestic partnership is a form relation between two people in which one person is usually domesticated like a cow or a dog resulting in said domesticated person being inclined to do everything their master partner tells them to do. frequently made popular by facebook and ignorant people unsure of the true definition.
Chip: Does anyone know where Walter has been recently?
Buck: Nope. Him and his girlfriend are in a domestic partnership on facebook though.
Chip: He probably sucks at life now.
by Orlandbro March 02, 2011
82 120
1. The equal relationship between two or more people of the same gender living together and practicing a homosexual lifestyle.
2. Domestic Relationship
3. Homosexual fuck buddies.
Neil Patrick Harris lives with David Burka in a Domestic Partnership.

-I just saw Katharine and Becky together at the gay bar.
-I didn't know they were together.
-They arn't! They are just Domestic Partners.

by iknow16 February 26, 2011
48 87