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Anagram, Don't Only Look Outside. Similar to don't only judge a book by it's cover. Don't catigorize me before you get to know me.
before you pass your opinion on anyone take the time to D.O.L.O.
by David D.O.L.O. Horton August 11, 2011
7 36
Noun: A man unaware of how lame and out of place he is.
Adj: Something that is super whack and sadly existing.
A female version is a Dolite (pronounced "dough-lite")
Girl: Heyy

Boy: Hi, how are you doing

Girl: You are a dolo.


Band's Singer : Oh yeah its like an opening of light baby

Audience member: This is the most dolo thing i have ever seen.
by noparents December 05, 2013
1 31
Hot boxin a low rider
Aye foo are you rollin dolos?
by Charles March 15, 2005
7 38
Phrase meaning to two man something, normally related to marijuana. Duo+ solo= Dolo
Bro! Lets go dolo that blunt.
by PrivatePot June 30, 2010
48 173
Used in many different ways, an additional meaning is of one with little or no money. A slang conglomeration of, "dough," and, "low," it's a quick-reference term when one has little cash available at the current juncture in time.

"Hey, yo. You wanna hit up liquor store and drink some tonight?"

"I can't, man, I'm dolo right now. Maybe tomorrow."
by CSquared288 April 17, 2009
48 173
penis. similar to boto meaning penis in Filipino. 2. used to tease
man my dolo is real hard. 2. man he is such a fat dolo.
by kden September 12, 2007
32 157
a marijuana cigar, or "blunt", rolled for one singular person to smoke.
Every year on New Year's Eve, we everyone at our party has a dolo.
by AliChronic July 14, 2011
81 207