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Slang for cigarillo - a small narrow cigar which typically has the tobacco emptied so it can be refilled with weed to make a blunt.
Hey, sell me one of your chocolate rillos.
by Bomni February 08, 2005
While rillo can mean the specific, blunt-like variety of tobacco product, the word is more frequently used to mean simply "cigarette". See Rill.
Man, that was a long movie, I need a rillo bad.
by vox monitor July 04, 2005
a rillo is the other side of the the skin that joins from the anus to the back in between the cheeks.that sometimes looks red while chucking a browneye.
Ive been walking all day and now have chaff on my rillo..or i didnt wipe my ass properly last night and now have dried crap stuck in the hairs in my rillo .
by Ansen Hawkins September 27, 2006
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