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pointless,useless, waste of time.
that girl is a doint bitch
by akjfniauwrt89qh4ifwa May 29, 2008
87 9
A Doint is a dutch and a joint in one. It is using a joint paper to roll the cannabis, and a Dutch Master outer leaf to wrap it in.
Me, D-broks and J-bach just smoked a doint.

Spark the fucking doint already.
by BigGreeen January 02, 2011
23 14
something that you are trying to do but can't seem to ever get it done.
I am doin'ting my homework.
by Levy January 06, 2004
0 1
neither the vaginal, nor the anal, but the sacred strip of prime realty in between. formerly the "'taint". in the case of boys, the doint is found, quite obviously, between the anus and the scrotum.
i tried slamming it up dino's pooter but i accidentally broke my cock on his doint
by sr. caveman July 21, 2005
7 58