to have sex, fuck, screw, bang, did, etc.
1. i love to dohn
2. i got dohned last night
3. he/she dohned me
4. etc
by youwishyouwerethiscool December 24, 2005
Top Definition
1. (d'ōhn) don't; doesn't: To be used in situations where something doesn't matter.

2. A movement for those who want to live a worry free lifestyle and rid themselves of unnecessary stress. Realizing that it dohn is said to be the most life-changing and freeing moment of one's life. (The Movement of Dohn)

First known use of "dohn" was in early 2010.
dohn matter

Q: Do you think you failed your exam?
A: Yeah, but it dohn.

antonyms: doh
by cuzmore December 18, 2010

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