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Slang term referring to U.S Army infantryman in World War II.
A song titled Dogface soldier was written in 1942 by Cpl. Bert Gold and Lt. Ken Hart
by JD1215 July 02, 2006
Simply put, a person whose face resembles that of a dog, whether generally or of a particular breed. (e.g. having a flat face like a shih tzu).
"Cynthia is a dog face."
by dog catcher May 15, 2006
A common phenomonon on social network websites. When a girl takes a picture, usually of herself, with her tongue sticking halfway out. This looks similar to a dog panting.

See: Duck Face.
While trolling through a girls pictures, I noticed her tongue was sticking out like a bitch in heat in nearly all of her photos. Why does she have to make a dog face in so many pictures?
by Howard Golightly December 30, 2011
Very insulting term for an ugly girl/woman.
When's dogface coming back?
by she-ra November 04, 2003
Girl whose face looks hot, until she turns around and barks.
That chick is a dog face!
by Zack Kolle May 13, 2003
dog face Hoover ( president elected in 1928 )
old-- dog face Hoover started the depression stock crash 1929.
monkey face GWBush started the depression stock crash 2000.
its true just look at photos of both men...
by itichie_nocanpo June 25, 2006
A certain black rap singer's picture similarity.
-Man did you see the 50 cent pic shown with the article about his videogame? looks like a fucking dog face.
by NNNNNNNNNNN October 26, 2005