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A profound, wonderful cartoon from the early 80's. I tuned in every day to watch He-man say 'by the power of grayskull' and kick Skeletor's butt. One day I hope to meet him in person. 8¬)
He-man, he-man etc
by she-ra November 04, 2003
Very insulting term for an ugly girl/woman.
When's dogface coming back?
by she-ra November 04, 2003
Cuntalunt; also see cuntish.

A versatile profanity that can be used in numerous contexts.
1. OW! cuntalunt! I just stubbed my toe
2. You are such a cuntalunt
3. Cuntalunt! I forgot my keys
by she-ra March 02, 2004
a male "player" who sleeps with lots of women, women who sleep around are called "hosebags"
that hoser likes to hose all the hosebags.
by she-ra June 27, 2004
A female Baller/Balla.
Yo, check out Li'l Kim's bling, she a bella.
by she-ra March 09, 2004

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