1. verb - bother, irritate, annoy, ride, harass
2. verb - have sex with doggystyle
3. noun - hound, player, one who seeks meaningless sex with multiple partners
1. Dude! Don't dog me like that!
2. After getting her cunt nice and wet with my tongue, I bent her over to dog her for a while.
3. Men are dogs.
#ride #harass #annoy #bother #irritate #doggystyle #rear view #hound #player
by Prp Guy April 04, 2006
Australian slang for racing greyhounds, or a greyhound racing event. See also dishlickers.
I won a hundred dollars on the dogs last week.
#dogs #racing dogs #racing greyhounds #australian slang #gambling
by geoffb October 16, 2006
a sexual badass
Joe: Did you here Johnny hooked up with 3 people at that party last night??!!
Sam: Oh man he's such a dog
by odysseus ottumchock March 07, 2016
A dog- Is a four legged animal, In the Canid family,That follows to the wolf. They Have different emotions and are domesticated as pets. "dawg" Is a slang .
-Woah, The dog's dancing!
-Whaddup Dawg!
by NekoKitty October 10, 2015
Loves Us More Than It Loves Itself
Not every person knows how to love a dog , But every dog knows how to love a person
#appreciation #cherish #attachment #animal #attention
by Alaca karanlık October 03, 2015
The best friend you can have! He/she is loyal and you always love them as much or more than family. Because they are family!
I hate all the humans at my job. Imma go get the man's best friend, a dog!
#dog #wolf #best friend #family #puppy
by TheEmeraldDog February 06, 2015
An adjective used to describe rude, unfriendlike or unsportsmanlike behaviour. Appears to have originated at Newlands College in New Zealand.
Person 1: I gave Bob money to buy me maccas but he ate it himself.
Person 2: That's so dogs, man!
#rude #dogz #dog #d0gs #newlands college #dogs
by VickiandJosh4EVZ September 26, 2014
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